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Brushing with toothpaste (also called a “dentifrice”) is important for several reasons. First and foremost, a toothpaste and a correct brushing action work to remove plaque, a sticky, harmful film of bacteria that grows on your teeth …

Pioneering Pain Scientist Dubner Wins Dentistry’s Distinguished Scientist Award

Ronald Dubner, PhD, DDS, of the University of Maryland School of Dentistry was honored today with the 2012 Distinguished Scientist Award by the American Association for Dental Research (AADR).

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March 24, 2011
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Scott Orthodontics Braces Teeth Straightening Bowie MD

Improve your smile; improve your life. Scott Orthodontics in Bowie, Maryland, provides dental braces for both children and adults. Offering metal, clear and Invisalign braces, plus retainers, exams, and checkups, Dr. Stuart A. Scott and his highly trained and very friendly staff provide a range of options for straightening and strengthening your smile. Visit us

Dental Teeth Bridges Costa Rica Expert dentist (member of American Dental Association) from Medical Tourism Corporations network speaks about dental bridges in Costa Rica. A dental bridge is basically a build-up of a dental crown. Dental crowns are made of porcelain, metal and porcelain and are used to fix any damage on the surface of teeth. A bridge can have different crowns. It can have as many as 3-4 crowns. The missing teeth in between the crowns need to be replaced. Different type of tooth bridges are Traditional Fixed Bridge, Resin Bonded Bridges, Cantilever Bridges, Maryland type bridge. There could be up to 12-14 units in a bridge or there could be individual crowns. The dental bridge (Implant supported denture) could be combined with your natural teeth or with dental implants. So, dental bridges will make the teeth look good and also restore proper bite. Medical Tourism Corporation facilitates affordable dental bridges in Costa Rica and other dental treatment like dental implants, dental crowns, teeth veneers, full mouth restoration, and more.

Dental Bridge Information

March 21, 2011
Dental Bridge Information

Bridges What is a dental bridge? A dental bridge is an appliance used to replace one or more missing teeth. …Read the Rest

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