Dr. Gabriel Krastl of Uniklinik Basel, Switzerland, shows you how to create an aesthetic anterior composite restoration with 3M ESPE Filtek™ Supreme XTE Universal and Flowable Restorative. This professional, step-by-step video demonstration shows how to use the dental composite Filtek™ Supreme XTE Universal Restorative for aesthetic anterior restorations using a MULTI-shade technique. 3M ESPE Dental Nanocomposites are high-performance, versatile nanocomposites. Excellent aesthetics for anterior restorations, strong enough for posterior restorations, they’re simple to use, have lifelike aesthetics and feature unique nanofiller technology. “Filtek™ Supreme XTE is a material of unsurpassed fluorescence, imitating nature better than all other aesthetic composites.” – Dr. Hein de Kloet, Arnhem, Netherlands. Please subscribe, rate and comment. Find out more about dental composites and other 3M ESPE products:

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How to create an aesthetic ANTERIOR restoration using Filtek™ Supreme XTE

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