Brushing and Toothpaste

Relief for sensitive teeth goes ‘Pro’

OCHO RIOS, St Ann — Colgate Palmolive has developed a new toothpaste to fight dentine hypersensitivity and according to experts at Colgate, this new advance treatment is clinically proven to deliver instant and lasting sensitivity relief.

Pets’ teeth keys to health

Buck, an 11-year-old intact male Lab, had been coughing for about a week. His owner also noted he was not eating as much and that he was breathing faster than usual. His family veterinarian had assessed him and suspected an infection but could not pinpoint the cause.

Important Guidelines for Oral Health of Pregnant Women

Pregnant women can improve their oral health if they look for information concerning oral health, regularly brush and floss to get rid of bacterial plaque, include fluoride toothpaste and fluoride rinse into your routine, consume a well-balanced diet, tooth decay should be treated, don’t share food or utensils with anyone, and xylitol gum should be chewed to decrease the rate of tooth decay.

How to care for your toothbrush

Brushing (and flossing) is the best way to protect your teeth and gums — but not if your toothbrush is in bad shape. “Toothbrush bristles that are worn or frayed from use cannot effectively remove plaque, which is critical to maintaining healthy teeth and gums,” says Sebastiana Springmann, a dentist in Williamsburg, Va. Some advice:

Bad dog breath: why it’s not normal and can be a sign of dental trouble

(ARA) – Most people dutifully brush their teeth not only to prevent cavities and gingivitis, but also to keep their breath smelling fresh. In just the same way, regular brushing for dogs can ensure good dental hygiene and reduce the infamous “doggy breath.”

Dealing with Toothpaste Options Overload

It’s something you do every morning, but are you using the right product? There are so many toothpastes out there, so which one is the best? FOX 10′s Jayme King reports.

How to Take Good Care of Your Teeth and Mouth

To get healthier teeth and mouth, make sure you do proper brushing of your teeth, regularly use floss, treat swollen gums and control plaque using a mouth rinse prescribed by a specialist, keep your dentures clean with a denture care product, and avoid drying your mouth.

Your week – Mon, 21 Mar 2011 PST

YOUR HEALTH Brushing (and flossing) is the best way to protect your teeth and gums – but not if your toothbrush is in bad shape. Some tips from the experts:

Saint Cornelius students focus on dental health

February was Dental Health Awareness month and Saint Cornelius students spent time learning about how to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Many thanks to Dr. Vincent Mongiovi, an orthodontist in Glen Mills, for spending time with the pre-k students. Mongiovi reviewed how to keep teeth and gums healthy by brushing and eating well. During his visit, the students received toothbrushes, toothpaste …

brushing your teeth party

March 21, 2011
brushing your teeth party

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