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Bruxism also causes pain in teeth. Clenching your bottom and top teeth together or grinding your teeth back and forth over each other is called bruxism . Grinding and clenching your teeth when you sleep can be stopped by the use of a …

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Bruxism Bruxism is characterized by the grinding of the teeth and is typically includes the clenching of the jaw. The major cause of Bruxism is anxiety and.

Meth mouth is often unrestorable

Rampant tooth decay seen in methamphetamine users is commonly called “meth mouth.” The teeth look like they have been dipped…

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Can help relieve dental problems caused by certain muscle contractions BOTOX® is the name for a drug derived from a purified form of botulinum toxin, a protein from the Clostridium botulinum bacteria. This bacteria is associated with some cases of food poisoning. However, when injected in very small doses into a muscle, the drug blocks nerve transmissions to the muscle. Without the nerve …

Teeth Grinding, Jaw Clenching, and Tmj Disorders ← ← STOP TMJ AND SORE JAW NOW!!! Teeth Grinding, Jaw Clenching, and Tmj Disorders Other causes of TMJ disorders may be misaligned jaw joints or teeth, either due to structural problems with the jaw or teeth (such as a birth defect or scar tissue)

Tooth Grinding "bruxism" home remedies and cures "teeth grinding" website Signs, symptoms and sequelae —————————- Bruxism can result in abnormal wear patterns of the occlusal surface, abfractions and fractures in the teeth. This type of damage is categorised as a sign of occlusal trauma. Over time, dental damage will usually occur. Bruxism is the leading cause of occlusal trauma and a significant cause of tooth loss and gum recession. In a typical case, the canines and incisors of the opposing arches are moved against each other laterally, ie with a side-to-side action by the lateral pterygoid muscles that lie medial to the temporomandibular joints bilaterally. This movement abrades tooth structure, and can lead to the wearing down of the incisal edges of the teeth. People with bruxism may also grind their posterior teeth, which will wear down the cusps of the occlusal surface. Bruxing can be loud enough to wake a sleeping partner. Some individuals will clench the jaw without significant lateral movements. Eventually, bruxing shortens and blunts the teeth being ground, and may lead to myofacial muscle pain and headaches. In severe, chronic cases, it can lead to arthritis of the temporomandibular joints. Most bruxers are not aware of their bruxism and only 5-10% go on to develop symptoms such as jaw pain and headache.[citation needed] Teeth hollowed by previous decay (caries), or dental drilling, may collapse, as the cyclic pressure exerted by bruxism is extremely taxing on the tooth structure.

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Drs Michael & Shari Fife Discuss signs, symptoms and solutions of grinding and clenching your teeth.


March 21, 2011

“The habitual, involuntary grinding or clenching of the teeth, usually during sleep, as from anger, tension, fear, or frustration.”

SleepRight Adjustable Night Guard

Information on the innovative SleepRight Adjustable Night Guard from Splintek. If you suffer from Bruxism (teeth grinding or clenching) then this is a very useful video to watch. The SleepRight range of night guard products are now available in the UK and rest of the European Union from

Grinding Teeth ~ Tooth Clenching ~ Broken Teeth ~ GrindGuardN 82 Million Americans are Destroying Their Teeth by Clenching and Grinding. A recent Chicago Dental Society survey shows that almost 75 per cent of the 250 dentists surveyed say they have noticed marked increase in clenching or grinding which they believe is caused by stress from the economic downturn. Dr. Joe Pelerin of Lake Orion, Michigan who has practiced family dentistry for three decades, says teeth grinding and clenching not only damages teeth and fillings and leads to receding gums and root canals, but also can be the cause of migraine headaches and pain in the shoulders, neck, back and ears. Because most people are unaware of all the ailments that can be caused by tooth grinding and clenching, far too many individuals suffer needlessly for years from chronic pain when a simple and inexpensive solution is available. That’s why Pelerin invented GrindGuardN, a newly patented, FDA-approved mouth guard that is far more effective than other solutions and costs only $50. For more information visit: