Orthodontics and Braces

Chandler Gets Her Braces Off at Starr Orthodontics!

Share in this special moment with Chandler when she sees her “after” smile for the very first time! If you’ve already gotten your braces off, what was your first reaction? If you are currently in orthodontic treatment, what are you looking forward to most about getting your braces off? Starr Orthodontics provides traditional and Invisalign invisible braces to the Charlotte, Weddington and Matthews, NC communities. Drs. Gary Starr and Steven Dickens work with patients of all ages, and strive to provide a fun and comfortable orthodontic experience. You can learn more about Starr Orthodontics on our web site, at www.starrortho.com

Desiree’s Orthodontic / braces Journal -2

An adults experience getting and living with braces (orthodontics) – this is the day that they were put on.

Desiree’s Orthodontic (braces) Journal 8

An adults experience getting and living with braces (orthodontics). Now… NINE months into the ‘braces’ experience. (and I want to refer to another helpful vid: video.google.com )

Desirees’ Orthodontic / Braces Journal – 10

An adults experience getting and living with braces (orthodontics). 14 months after getting them… still on! This time viewers questions are addressed, also some photos of before and now are shown.

Strumming Orthodontic / braces Elastics

I saw a great you-tube video… and wanted to make a v-log intro for my blog. (see the ones I marked as favorites, it is called ‘duelling braces’)

Desiree’s Orthodontic / braces Journal – 4

An adults experience getting and living with braces (orthodontics) – Day 17. In this video dental hygiene at home is addressed.

Desiree’s Orthodontic / braces Journal – 3

An adults experience getting and living An adults experience getting and living with braces (orthodontics) 2 days after braces on. Also… sharing of what ‘tools’ are carried when away from home for dental hygiene & comfort on the run.

Scott Orthodontics Braces Teeth Straightening Bowie MD

Improve your smile; improve your life. Scott Orthodontics in Bowie, Maryland, provides dental braces for both children and adults. Offering metal, clear and Invisalign braces, plus retainers, exams, and checkups, Dr. Stuart A. Scott and his highly trained and very friendly staff provide a range of options for straightening and strengthening your smile. Visit us www.yellowpages.com

Essex Retainer Hawley Braces Orthodontics

Finally things are finished! Love my teeth… just wish I did have to go thru all the hassle to get them.

Placing Ty’s Braces At Glendale CA Orthodontist

www.bracesbybergh.com Ty gets his braces put on at Braces by Bergh by orthodontist, Dr. Brian H. Bergh, DDS, MS, of Glendale, CA, and his orthodontic assistant Connie. A big smile at the end shows its easy and nothing to worry about. Visit www.BracesByBergh.com for more information on orthodontics and how an orthodontist can help you achieve your dream smile.