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Heavy Metal Toxicity and dental fillings removal

Heavy Metal Toxicity can be caused by mercury fillings. This video prepares your dental appointment with a holistic dentist or a general dentistry clinic. Fumes of heavy metal while being removed can make you more sick than ever before. Be prepared.

Dental Fillings | Tooth Cavity | Eagle Rock | Dr. Sahabi

Dentist Dr. Sahabi tells how tooth bacteria causes, root canals, teeth to break, weakening tooth, and tooth cavities Call 1-800-734-7454 or visit for more info

Requested: Dental Cavities and Tooth Fillings

*****PLEASE READ ME***** I am not a professional or anything. This is just public information you can find on… By the way, I hunted down, found, and killed the spider moments after finishing the video. Now I can take a shower in peace. =) Facebook: Blog: DailyBooth Dental cavities are caused by tooth decay due to acid the bacteria in the mouth produce. Carbs are broken down by the bacteria into acid. The acid, bacteria, food stuffs, and saliva combine to form plaque, which sticks to teeth and erode the tooth. Cavities can affect the enamel and the dentin of the tooth. Regular dental exams can uncover cavities. If the damage is advanced you may have pain, especially after eating/drinking sweet, hot or cold things, or visible pits/holes in the tooth may be seen. Cavities can be treated in many ways. If the damage isn’t extensive, a dentist may drill into the tooth to remove the decay and fill it with fillings. Types of fillings: Gold: Advantages- Durable, strong, and aesthetically pleasing. Disadvantages- Expense, additional office visits, and may cause Galvanic shock. Silver: Advantages- Durable, strong, and relatively inexpensive. Disadvantages- Poor aesthetics, destruction of more tooth structure, can cause discoloration of surrounding tooth structures, can cause cracks and fractures of tooth, and allergic reactions can occur. Tooth colored composites: Advantages- aesthetically pleasing, may chemically …

Dental Patient Education Tooth Fillings in 3D video

Composite fillings utilize a soft white plastic substance that is hardened with a blue light. This is the best dental patient education 3D video

Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas

March 21, 2011
Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas

The dramatic video titled Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas has had a tremendous impact on both the public and professional audiences.The full version plays 40 minutes with interviews of experts in the fields of mercury toxicology, environmental medicine, politics and dentistry. It is available from the IAOMT for $14.95 + $4 shipping. Send Kym an email at to order your personal DVD today.

free4u2-sp-Filling a tooth

March 21, 2011
free4u2-sp-Filling a tooth See original here: free4u2-sp-Filling a tooth

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Remove Silver Dental Fillings

Indian Dental tourism provides cost savings and a good quality result for dental bonding treatment in India at Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Imagine that.

Guard Your Dental Health To Achieve Overall Well-being – Article Niche

These include cleanings, normal checkups, tooth fillings , and some simple cosmetic procedures like tooth whitening, crowns, bridges and veneers. People feel very comfortable taking dental treatments through their family dentists because …

Exposing OCD: My First Dental Filling along with Health Anxiety

My First Dental Filling along with Health Anxiety. tooth volume ii. I had my dental check up last month, with a new dentist because my old dentist wasn’t on the insurance list, and when the dentist called out the number 15 when probing, …