Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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Wisdom Teeth Removal-Aamel

March 21, 2011
Wisdom Teeth Removal-Aamel

Wisdom Teeth Removal… June 17, 2009.. dang… I had to get it taken out… ooh really.. they said it was poking the backs of my teeth… maybe my mouth is too small… they told me it will cause more pain if it’s left there.. So they had to remove the 4 wisdom teeth out of my mouth, and so did Shawne Merriman… I was in the room… laying on the chair… Dr. Chang’s was all ready for the surgery… the assistance gave me laughing gas.. Nitros Oxide.. I felt relaxed.. and then Dr. Chang put on the anesthesia… they told me to cough.. and suck in more Nitros Oxide… and then I looked around… like.. ” I don’t think its working on me.. ha!” but then.. in a quick second… BAM!! Total Knocked Out!! I do not remember anything.. can’t remember the surgery, can’t remember getting out, can’t remember going in the car, and how I ended up in the couch of my living room…. WTF… a weird experience…. that’s my story of the wisdom teeth getting pulled out…

How a wisdom tooth is removed

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

March 21, 2011
Wisdom Teeth Removal

i got all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth removed on july 2, 2009. i had a good experience. it didn’t hurt. no major bleeding. i only took 2 hydrocodone after the surgery and of course the antibiotic for a week. my main problem was the swelling which went down in about 4 days.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction – Jaw Bone

Extracting an impacted wisdom tooth

extraction of my wisdom tooth / verstandskies

While being at my favorite dentist’s place we figured that filming the extraction of a wisdom tooth would be fun. I didn’t have any serious post-extraction problems, i am glad i got rid of the tooth!

Wisdom Tooth Extraction – before and after

Heres what happens when the pain of a broken impacted wisdom tooth becomes greater than a healthy fear of dentists

Chanell’s Wisdom Teeth Extraction

930am on March 14, 2011. I was SO completely out of it and I don’t remember a thing! So don’t make fun of me! :P

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Aftermath

Hilary after getting her wisdom teeth out! February 23, 2011, White Rock BC

Drugged Girl Tripping After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Hot drugged girl totally tripping after having her wisdom teeth removed *MORE GR8 VIDEOS, CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL*