Dire Dentistry Disasters

September 22, 2011
Dire Dentistry Disasters

in which dentist visits get awkward you can also find me at silly cooking: bandcamp: twitter tumblr king of the web every tuesday http

PMS Dental – Parody

September 16, 2011
PMS Dental – Parody

Dental visit parody.

Visit To The Dentist

August 30, 2011
Visit To The Dentist

A very funny comedy about a man who desperately needs to see his dentist! This is not your typical visit to the Dentist film. Just when you thought you have seen it all, not so until you watch this classic!

FMA Brotherhood – 4-Koma Theater – 03 (SUB)

The extra 4koma theatre from FMA: Brotherhood. Enjoy!

My Family Season 5 Episode 13 – Going Dental

My Family is an award winning British comedy set in Chiswick in west London, Ben Harper and his wife Susan has 3 kids Nick, Janey and Michael. Ben is a dentist who just wants a quite life being miserable however with his 3 kids nothing is ever boring, quite or normal. Watch the Harpers Constant mayhem it this amazing comedy gem

University of Alberta Dentistry Orientation Video 2009 (2/2)

Part 2 of the University of Alberta’s student made Orientation video for the class of 2013

The Effing Dentist.

July 15, 2011
The Effing Dentist.

Dentists; for help communicating with humankind contact: Patients: Everything by JPWatson. ‘Written’, recorded and edited over one long night. All sounds original tweaked vocals (and a food processor). Music: JSBach & Brahms.

FMA Brotherhood 4-Koma Theater – 01 (SUB)

The extra 4koma theater from FMA: Brotherhood. Enjoy!

Dentists Greece: tv comedy on dentists

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1932 The Dentist (WC Fields)

1932: After preliminaries with ice and golf dentist Fields turns to the problems of hius patients. He wrestles one woman all over the office during an extraction. One man is so heavily bearded he can’t find the man’s mouth and uses as shotgun to flush birds out. Cast WC Fields … Dentist Marjorie Kane … Mary – Dentist’s Daughter (as ‘Babe’ Kane) Arnold Gray … Arthur the Iceman Dorothy Granger … Patient (Miss Peppitone) Elise Cavanna … Patient (Miss Mason) Zedna Farley … Dental Assistant Ethel La Blanche … Miss Pepitone (replaced by Dorothy Granger) (scenes deleted) William Searby … Caddy (replaced by Bobby Dunn) (scenes deleted) Joseph Belmont … Mr. Benford – Man Hit by a Golf Ball (uncredited) Billy Bletcher … Mr. Foliage – Bearded Patient (uncredited) Joe Bordeaux … Benford’s Caddy (uncredited) Harry Bowen … Joe (uncredited) Bobby Dunn … Dentist’s Caddy (uncredited) George Gray … Benford’s Golf Partner (uncredited) Barney Hellum … Patient in Waiting Room (uncredited) Thelma Hill … Minor Role (uncredited) Bud Jamison … Charley Frobisher (uncredited) Pete Rasch … Benford’s Tough Son (uncredited) Emma Tansey … Old Lady (uncredited) Directed by Leslie Pearce Written by WC Fields (uncredited) Produced by Mack Sennett Cinematography by John W. Boyle Details Country: USA Language: English Release Date: December 9, 1932 (USA) Filming Locations:Lakeside Country Club – 4500 W. Lakeside Drive, Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, California, USA …