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Dr. Zahler is a gentle, caring dentist who uses the most advanced materials and procedures available. He practices comfortable, health-centered dentistry with a strong emphasis on getting to know each of his patients.

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www.dustinnelsondds.com Dustin Nelson DDS is a cosmetic dentist serving clients from the greater Los Angeles area, Burbank, Pasadena and throughout California and around the world. A missing tooth can also be replaced with a dental implant. The advantages of an implant are: * The healthy teeth on either side do not have to be ground down for crowns. * It is easier to clean. You can brush and floss normally. With a bridge, you can’t get floss between the teeth unless you use a floss threader. * With a bridge, if you have decay on one of the abutment teeth or any other trouble with any one of the involved teeth, the entire restoration needs to be replaced. With an implant, all the teeth are separate and are treated and maintained separately. A problem with one will not affect the others.

How to Maintain Healthy Teeth : What Is a Composite Tooth Filling?

A composite tooth filling is the clinical term for a white filling, and is made of a plastic-based material. Understand how composite tooth fillings work and how they are formed to a tooth with information from a licensed dental assistant in this free video on dental hygiene. Expert: Michelle McPhail Contact: www.MySolutionz.com Bio: Michelle McPhail is a dental tech and the office coordinator at one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry centers in the Tampa Bay area. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Desiree’s Orthodontic (braces) Journal 8

An adults experience getting and living with braces (orthodontics). Now… NINE months into the ‘braces’ experience. (and I want to refer to another helpful vid: video.google.com )

Desirees’ Orthodontic / Braces Journal – 10

An adults experience getting and living with braces (orthodontics). 14 months after getting them… still on! This time viewers questions are addressed, also some photos of before and now are shown.

Strumming Orthodontic / braces Elastics

I saw a great you-tube video… and wanted to make a v-log intro for my blog. (see the ones I marked as favorites, it is called ‘duelling braces’)

Desiree’s Orthodontic / braces Journal – 4

An adults experience getting and living with braces (orthodontics) – Day 17. In this video dental hygiene at home is addressed.

Essex Retainer Hawley Braces Orthodontics

Finally things are finished! Love my teeth… just wish I did have to go thru all the hassle to get them.

Just Orthodontics – How we put Damon Q braces on your teeth

This is what you can expect to happen on the day you get your braces!

Getting Braces

March 21, 2011
Getting Braces

Maddie get’s braces from her orthodontist.