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New ‘dentist’ test to detect oral cancer will save lives

A new test for oral cancer, which a dentist could perform by simply using a brush to collect cells from a patient’s mouth, is set to be developed by researchers.

Pilot safety protocol could help dentists reduce errors

Pilots and dentists have more in common than one might think: Both jobs are highly technical and require teamwork. Both are subject to human error where small, individual mistakes may lead to catastrophe if not addressed early.

Novel cause for genetic tooth decay

New research implicates a novel peptide in impaired dentin mineralization in rickets. Rickets, the softening of bones in children, is often caused by vitamin D deficiency due to severe malnutrition. Rickets is one of the most frequent childhood diseases in developing countries and is associated with severe bone deformities, including dental ailments due to impaired dentin mineralization.

Gene may hold key to reducing spread of oral cancers

The spread of cancer cells in the tongue may be reduced if a gene that regulates cancer cell migration can be controlled, according to new research.

Quitting smoking may minimize harmful bacteria and replenish healthy bacteria

Patients with chronic gum disease who quit smoking in addition to undergoing nonsurgical therapy not only demonstrated a lower abundance of harmful oral pathogens, but also an increase in health-associated bacteria.

Tea may contain more fluoride than once thought, research shows

Black tea, a Southern staple and the world’s most consumed beverage, may contain higher concentrations of fluoride than previously thought, which could pose problems for the heaviest tea drinkers, researchers say.

Dental researchers discover human beta defensin-3 ignites in oral cancer growth

Detecting oral cancer in its earliest stages can save the lives of the nearly 40,500 people diagnosed annually. But early detection has been difficult. Researchers discovered a biomarker, called human beta defensin-3, which may serve as an early warning. The defensin is present in all oral cancers and associated with the early stages of oral cancer.

New therapy to overcome body dysmorphic disorder

People coping with body dysmorphic disorder seek out in particular plastic surgeons, orthodontists and aesthetic professionals to alleviate their suffering: “However, what they really need is psychological support and assistance,” says one expert.

Tray bleaching may improve oral health of elderly, special-needs patients

A tooth-bleaching agent may improve the oral health of elderly and special-needs patients, say dentists.