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Correction of the Occlusion After Processing

Shows the procedure, using articulator paper, of grinding the processed denture into occlusion, taking into account processing changes and improper setting of teeth. Orig. air date: APR 12 72

Model and Die Materials

December 1, 2009
Model and Die Materials

Describes the various types of die materials; improved stone and metal plated dies of copper and silver. Intended for dental hygiene and dental assistants. Orig. air date: DEC 13 72

Student training at Orange County Dental Careers, California

One of our Students at work radiographing a patient for an upper posterior PA and retaining the image instantaneously with Digital Imagery in the Dental Office, our School. The quick image is a major asset of our program.

Orange County Dental Implants – Orange County Dental Implants (949) 612-2600

Orange county Dental Implants clinic with Dr. Peter Wohrle offers patients Same Day Dental Implants and mini dental implants. Please visit www.dental-implants–california.com to learn more today.

Teeth Whitening Procedures : How to Use Teeth Whitening Trays

Once you have your custom teeth whitening tray, learn how to fill it with whitening gel to whiten teeth in thisfree dental care video. Expert: Evelyn Perreault Contact: www.toothpixstore.com Bio: Evelyn Perreault, registered dental hygienist, has over twenty five years of clinical and educational experience in the oral care industry. Filmmaker: David Pakman