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Dental Implants in the Smile Zone- Part 3

Dental implants are great solutions for teeth replacement, however when performed in the smile zone, they require detailed planning, careful techniques, and coordinated effort between the expert clinicians. This podcast discusses 5 key principles for achieving predictable success with dental implants in the aesthetic zone. Also, our guest expert, Dr. Vincent Prestipino demonstrates these crucial principles by presenting two patients.

Dentists Greece: Monty Python – Secret Service Dentistry

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Smile Magic Kids Dentistry Filming Bloopers -Funny

www.smilemagicdentists.com Smile Magic put together our videos with the help of EgoEZ.com Not all of the shots came quite right.

Dental News | Botox | Celebrity smiles | Cosmetic dentistry …

The Smile Awards takes place next week – the only dental awards in the UK to reward clinical excellence in dental and facial aesthetics.

New Products For Extra White Pearly Whites

Everybody wants nice white teeth, and now there are some new products to whiten your smile.

Dental implants procedure video(anim) using bone compression

www.dental-implants-guide.com An animated dental implant video of a dental implant surgery using MIS-implants bone compression kit

MIS Implants Uno presentation

www.dental-implants-guide.com The MIS Implants Uno is a narrow implant also known by other manufacturers as a one piece mini implant. This video is a product presentation by a Mis implants sales rep.

BondBone – Calcium sulfate bone graft material by Mis-Implants.

www.dental-implants-guide.com The video shows the procedure to be used when using the BondBone bone grafting material.