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A Microsurgical Approach for the Regeneration of Osseous Defects

Guided Tissue RegenerationGuided tissue regeneration (GTR) using expanded polytetrafluroethylene (ePTFE) barriers results in effective regeneration where the bone fills into the periodontal defect. However, if the barrier collapses into the… [ Full Story ]

Brushing and Flossing 3 Times a Day

www.honestdentistry.com Angel Dental Care 3551 Peck Road Suite 101 El Monte, CA 91731 Phone: (626) 444-2002 You should brush your teeth after every meal, and floss at least once a day. Another good thing to use it a good, alcohol free mouthwash. While the alcohol kills bacteria, it can also dry your mouth out. Dry mouth leads to tooth decay, so it’s just safer to avoid using the alcohol mouthwashes all together and not have to worry about that. Make sure you replace your toothbrush every three or four months, because a worn toothbrush doesn’t do as well at cleaning your teeth.

National Museum of Dentistry launches oral health resource for parents of autistic children

The National Museum of Dentistry has created a new resource to help parents of children with autism spectrum disorder succeed in teaching good oral healthcare. Healthy Smiles for Autism is a guide that helps parents teach children with autism… [ Full Story ]

Scientific Panel Issues Evidence-Based Clinical Recommendations:

Recommended in conjunction with fluoride for patients at high-risk for developing cavities [ Full Story ]

Dentist in Houston | Cosmetic Dentist Houston Heights | Sedation Dentistry

cosmeticdentisthoustonheights.com – Call (713) 861-7216 for cosmetic dentist in Houston. Looking for a dentist in Houston or any part of southern US, Danica Shanahan finds a great dentist in Houston to help her with her dental needs.

Cosmetic Dentist Tampa FL, Offers Free Dental Care for The Poor Dr. Randall Diez

Cosmetic dentist Tampa FL, Dr. Randall Diez offers free dental care to people in need of emergency dental services. People who had lost their jobs and could afford dental care attended to Dr. Randall Diez dental office. Different dental care treatments such as dental cleaning, X-rays, were given, and also shared some tips on how to maintain good oral health. People that showed up were very happy to get emergency dental care. Dr, Randall Diez mentioned that he will be offering more emergency dental care throughout the year in case you missed it. This good deed to the community was featured on Fox News.For more videos visit:www.youtube.com Dr. Randall Diez also serves the following cities: Tampa FL, Odessa FL, Lutz FL, Oldsmar FL, and Palm Harbor FL.

Announcing the first ever:  "Face YOUR Fear" with AboutFace Event!

Toronto’s newest and tallest attraction has adventure lovers taking a walk OUTSIDE – around the circumference of the roof! Yes you heard us – we’re going to walk around the top of the CN Tower! So, do you dare to test your limits and experience… [ Full Story ]

Filling without drilling: Pain-free way of tackling dental decay reverses acid damage and re-builds teeth

Researchers in the UK have discovered a pain-free way of tackling dental decay that reverses the damage of acid attack and rebuilds teeth as new. The pioneering treatment promises to transform the approach to filling teeth forever.

Chemists discover most naturally variable protein in dental plaque bacterium

Chemists have discovered the most naturally variable protein known to date in a bacterium that is a key player in the formation of dental plaque.

Dr. Manuel A. Cordero, DDS, MAGD elected as Secretary of the Academy of General Dentistry

The Hispanic Dental Association is pleased and proud to announce that Dr. Manuel A. Cordero, DDS, MAGD, of Sewell, N.J., was elected as Secretary of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) during the AGD’s 2011 Annual Meeting & Exhibits,… [ Full Story ]