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After the wisdom teeth extraction « Bits and Pieces

I think she was doped up WAY to much for having wisdom teeth pulled . I also think she was way to young to have them pulled. When I got mine done it took 20 minutes. I was knocked out, my dad picked me up, I fell asleep on the way home …

Oral Surgeon and The Removal of Wisdom Teeth | Dental Blogging

An oral surgeon can be defined as a well qualified individual who is able to perform different types of surgeries aim at correcting dental defects. It should be noted here that this oral surgery is different from the other types of .

Expert Opinion on Getting Wisdom Teeth Pulled | Dental Care

A lot of patients discuss about wisdom teeth removal. For some individuals, this is a very crucial and essential option to take. People wonder though if this.

Why is a wisdom tooth called a wisdom tooth? – Gentle London Dentist

Simple wisdom tooth extraction : this is for wisdom teeth which have erupted fully and there is no need for surgery. The procedure is normally done under local anaesthesia. Wisdom tooth surgery: this is for impacted wisdom teeth or a …

Dental Gold : Advantages of Gold Dental Fillings

There are several advantages to gold dental fillings, including the fact that they are very strong, that they adapt and fit well, and that they last a long time. Learn how gold dental fillings can stand up to strong forces with information from a dentist in this free video on dental gold.

Dr. Fox – Root Canal

March 21, 2011
Dr. Fox – Root Canal

Dr. Steven Fox, DDS, FICD,FACD, PC. Learn more about cosmetic dentistry at www.drstevefox.com

Imtec Mini Dental Implants to replace missing tooth

Imtec MDIs used to replace missing molar tooth in one visit. Modified protocol used for dentist education.

Dental Implants: Teeth with Titanium

Dental implants are artificial tooth replacements that are used to counter tooth loss. Arun Sharma, BDS, explores new technologies that will improve this procedure. Series: UCSF Mini Medical School for the Public [4/2009] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 15568]

Dental Implants in the Smile Zone- Part 3

Dental implants are great solutions for teeth replacement, however when performed in the smile zone, they require detailed planning, careful techniques, and coordinated effort between the expert clinicians. This podcast discusses 5 key principles for achieving predictable success with dental implants in the aesthetic zone. Also, our guest expert, Dr. Vincent Prestipino demonstrates these crucial principles by presenting two patients.

Relief for sensitive teeth goes ‘Pro’

OCHO RIOS, St Ann — Colgate Palmolive has developed a new toothpaste to fight dentine hypersensitivity and according to experts at Colgate, this new advance treatment is clinically proven to deliver instant and lasting sensitivity relief.