Braces Before and After Help

October 6, 2011

Questions that this video will cover: 1) I have literally cried the last 4 days with the pain from spacers. Who’d a thought that a few tiny pieces of plastic could cause such pain.Was the spacer pain as bad for you? Will the pain only end when I get the braces on? They’re smart, those orthos, as I really don’t want the braces, but I would literally get down on both knees and beg to my ortho for her to brace me right now! I guess if spacers were fun, people wouldn’t go in to get braces on! 2) My “sentence” is 30 to 36 months. That seems long. How long is yours? I keep hearing people tell me they only need like 12 months. Why am i so screwed,such that I’ll have to wear them during most of the restof my college experience? Can you imagine interviewing for jobs with them on? 3) Do you need any other stuff, or is it just the braces and rubber bands for you? I’m amazed at this list of stuff that I’m going to need, and I wonder if that’s normal. 4) Can you really chew gum while in braces? And does it hurt to get them on? Make sure to check out for more information.. Braces For All $89/month (626)444-2002 Angel Dental Care 3551 Peck Road Suite 101 El Monte, CA 91731 Phone: (626) 444-2002

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Braces Before and After Help

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