Cosmetic Dentist San Antonio, Dr. Edward Camacho gives advice on veneers and dental implants costs – how to afford a cosmetic dentist. Call “ThatDentist” today at (210)493-9944 for a way to find out! [Transcript of the video] [Dr. Edward Camacho] Hi my name is Dr. Edward Camacho and I’m a cosmetic dentist here in San Antonio. A lot of people ask me questions about their teeth, their smile, and how cosmetic dentistry can help them. Today I’d like to answer a question that my patients frequently ask me. [Female voice] Dr. Camacho, is cosmetic dentistry affordable? [Dr. Edward Camacho] Actually cosmetic dentistry is very affordable, particularly compared to the cost of not fixing your teeth which is possible, losing your teeth and infections and pain. Cosmetic dentistry is quite efficient in it’s cost. We have many available financing options, including interest free financing for those who need to make monthly payments. [Dr. Edward Camacho] I’d like to give you more free videos of my answers to the top questions people ask me about their smiles and their teeth so that you can find the best cosmetic dentist in San Antonio for you and not get disappointed. To get them go to http to learn more about us and to find out how we can help you with cosmetic dentistry in our San Antonio office. Or to schedule a no obligation consultation with us, call us at 210-493-9944 and I’ll see you on the other side at

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Cosmetic Dentist San Antonio – Veneers and Dental Implants Costs

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