San Jose Wisdom teeth Extractions Dentist. Tooth Extractions.Oral surgery specialists. San Jose oral Surgeons. Free Oral Surgery consultation. Fast Visit us at for coupon. Call us at 408-259-2900, Jonathan H. Kim. DDS, Inc. serving San Jose, Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale, Milpitas. This video shows before and after procedure for oral surgery; two wisdom teeth extraction demonstration; wisdom tooth removal surgery; wisdom tooth extraction video; tooth pulling; two wisdom teeth extractions; wisdom tooth pain; wisdom teeth infection; oral surgery procedure; tooth extraction procedure. “Painless wisdom tooth extraction and fast” per patient. Oral surgeon, expert teeth extraction dentist, best emergency dentist, top oral surgery dentists. Open 7 days a week for oral surgery and impacted wisdom teeth extraction!

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Easy & Painless Wisdom teeth Extraction By San Jose Dentist

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