Family dentist Brookline MA, speaks about gum disease consequences individuals can face if they have been told they have a gum disease problem and is left un-treated. Periodontal disease leads to inflammation of the gums. This inflammatory bacteria enters your bloodstream and travels throughout your body. Researchers have linked this process to a number of serious medical conditions. It is very important for individuals to treat periodontal disease as soon as possible to avoid the release of bacteria and inflammation into your bloodstream which will then bring worst consequences. Gum disease also known as periodontitis or periodontal disease can cause severe headaches, heart attacks, strokes, premature birth, diabetes, kidney failure, premature birth, and is also known to cause respiratory diseases. Cosmetic dental procedures can be performed at Center for Pediatric Dental Care. Dr. Arnold Weiss, pediatric dentist in Brookline MA, also serves the cities of Brookline Village, Allston, Boston, Jamaica Plain, Chestnut Hill, Cambridge, Newton, Watertown, Roslindale , Readville, East Boston

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Family Dentist Brookline MA, Gum Disease Consequences & Heart Problem, Dr. Arnold Weiss

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