In this video Dr. Kamran Sahabi dentist in North Hollywood, CA shares his knowledge of periodontal gum abscess.Symptoms of periodontal gum abscess are pain, swollen gums, loose teeth, or shiny, blue gums around the gum line. Abscess on the gums are usually found around the wisdom teeth. Food particles that have become impacted cause a buildup of bacteria that prevents saliva from washing out the infection. If a cut or injury occurs on the gum, it can become infected, or become a boil that will require treatment including antibiotics or antibiotic rinse, along with a thorough dental cleaning to eradicate the infection, and the abscess. Brushing and flossing will not eliminate a gum abscess. Dr. Kamran Sahabi recommends a thorough dental cleaning and early treatment of a gum abscess to prevent damage to the surrounding bone in the area of the abscess.For more videos visit http Dr. Kamran Sahabi also serves the following cities: Glendale CA, Montrose CA, Verdugo City CA, La Canada Flintdridge CA, La Cresenta CA, and Burbank CA

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Periodontal Gum Abscess by Kamran Sahabi Dentist North Hollywood, CA

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