This is one of the several benefits provided by the government to military people. If you’re involved in the military, knowing about military dental coverage can help both you and your family get the best dental care possible. This article tells you about the following:

  • Know more about military dental insurance
  • How can retired military personnel make use of this option?
  • What is Federal Employees Health Benefits Program

If you have served your country through the military, you are entitled to military dental insurance. If you have served in the past and are now retired, you may qualify for military retiree dental insurance. The government recognizes the contributions of the Armed Forces and by providing several dental insurance options to serving and retired military personnel. If you’re involved in the military, knowing about military dental coverage can help both you and your family get the best dental care possible.

What exactly is military dental coverage?

Military dental coverage does two things. First, it recognizes that military personnel serve the country and therefore deserve good and full coverage for their health and dental needs as a result. Secondly, military dental coverage recognizes that military personnel sometimes run unique risks through their duties. That is, military personnel have more specialized and unpredictable needs than the average dental insurance customer. Military personnel may be exposed to dangerous situations which may endanger their health as well as the health of their teeth and gums. Military personnel also tend to travel more, which means that they require a longer ranging dental coverage.

Military dental coverage addresses these needs by providing active and retired military personnel with the dental insurance that meets their needs. Military dental coverage tends to be more comprehensive than dental coverage provided for the average civilian. Military dental coverage, for example, covers completely the cost of dental and gum injuries sustained in duty. Military dental coverage also allows military personnel to get dental care no matter where in the world they are. If someone is serving their country overseas, for example, they can still get access to the dental care they need. Since military families are sometimes stationed together outside of the country, military dental coverage usually extends considerable benefits to immediate families of military personnel.

What are military dental insurance options?

Military personnel are in fact covered by a few dental coverage options. Depending on position the needs, those serving in the military may qualify for:

  • The Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB)
    Since members of the military are considered to be employees of the federal government, some military personnel are entitled to health and dental benefits under the FEHB. Currently, this program provides benefits for about 8 million federally employed Americans. The comprehensive dental coverage offered under this program can be applied to members of the military as well as their dependents.
  • The Department of Defense also runs the try care dental program (TDP), which is administered by United Concordia Companies, Inc. (UCCI)
    This dental insurance covers active duty personnel, National Guard, the reserves, and the dependants of these uniformed military personnel. This program is comprehensive and is offered around the world. Further, through this program, immediate families who have lost a loved one who was in the military can enjoy some dental benefits as well. This program is a voluntary program. Members of the military can get more information about this program at This web site offers a full information about benefits, full information mode applications, and information about dentists. The web site also allows military personnel to manage their dental insurance policy.

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