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New mouthwash targeting harmful bacteria may render tooth decay a thing of the past

A new mouthwash developed by a microbiologist is highly successful in targeting the harmful Streptococcus mutans bacteria that is the principal cause tooth decay and cavities, research shows.

First large-scale study of pain reveals risk factors

Researchers have developed a comprehensive set of clinical characteristics that they say will lead to the ability to identify individuals at risk for developing painful jaw conditions.

4th International Heraeus Dental Symposium Draws 68 Distinguished Dental Leaders

Heraeus Kulzer, LLC, the worldwide leader in dental esthetics, together with their international colleagues held the 4th International Heraeus Dental Symposium October 27-30 at the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry in Scottsdale, Arizona. This… [ Full Story ]

Lose the fat and improve the gums, dental researchers find

Researchers found the human body is better at fighting gum disease when fat cells, which trigger inflammation, disappear.

Faster Is Not Always Better

November 7, 2011
Faster Is Not Always Better

In practice, many dentists today want to use the fastest setting dental products, the fastest curing lights, the fastest single step adhesives and the fastest setting impression materials. These faster products are desired for a number of… [ Full Story ]

Teeth crowded in seniors, as jaws shrink

The size of our jaws decreases with age. This is shown in a unique study from Sweden that followed a cohort of dentists throughout their adult lives.

Healthy mouth bacteria provide ideal conditions for gum disease

Gum disease can only develop with the help of normal bacteria living in the mouth, new research has revealed.

Premature children have smaller teeth, research suggests

The size of teeth in premature children is smaller than that of children who were full-term according to a new study.

DNA vaccines show promise in preventing dental caries

In a new study, researchers in China demonstrate that anti-caries DNA vaccines, including pGJA-P/VAX, are promising for preventing dental caries. However, challenges remain because of the low immunogenicity of DNA vaccines.

Oral Health America and American Dental Association award Samuel D. Harris Grants

Oral Health America (OHA) and the American Dental Association (ADA) honored four organizations Oct. 10 with the National Children’s Dental Health Month Samuel D. Harris Award during the ADA’s 152nd Annual Session and World Marketplace… [ Full Story ]