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Cosmetics can cause serious adverse effects, study suggests

Permanent hair dye gives the most serious adverse effects, yet there are also many reactions to facial and body moisturizers, according to new research.

DIAC Board of Directors Chooses President-Elect

Jamie Matera, president of the Dental Industry Association of Canada (DIAC), is pleased to announce that the Board of Directors of DIAC has unanimously elected Susanne Currie, Director for Member Communications, as DIAC’s next President for a… [ Full Story ]

Wanted: Whiter, Brighter Teeth AACD members say they expect the demand for teeth whitening to increase this year

Teeth whitening seems to be on everyone’s wish list-and this momentum is likely to continue through 2011, according to a quick poll of members at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). [ Full Story ]

Carestream Dental Announces Advanced Integration with ClearDent

Carestream Dental, the exclusive manufacturer of KODAK Dental Systems, is pleased to announce its advanced image integration with KODAK Dental Imaging Software and CLEARDENT, a leading Canadian dental practice management system. This seamless… [ Full Story ]

Dirty mouths lead to broken hearts

Nurses who care for patients with dementia now have a tailored approach to dental hygiene for their charges, thanks to a pilot study by a team of nurses.

New evidence that chronic ulcerative stomatitis is an autoimmune disease

In a study investigating the cause of a little-understood condition called chronic ulcerative stomatitis (CUS), researchers have provided evidence that an autoimmune response contributes to the painful oral disease, supporting the classification of CUS as an autoimmune disease.

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April 6, 2011
Dental News | Web Ink

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