Dentist Tooth Filling Rant

March 21, 2011

I don’t think I actually had a cavity and now I think the dentist ruined my tooth. It hurts every time I eat or drink something cold. I did not have ANY problems before I went to the dentist. And actually, I’m quite thankful they aren’t putting metal fillings in anyone any more since those are apparently highly toxic. The whole thing has been one bad situation I desperately wish I could erase. The dentist’s solution is for me to have a root canal. Really? I had no mouth pain or any issues with my teeth when I came into your office, you tell me I have a small cavity, you “fix” it by giving me a filling, and now you apparently drilled too much into my tooth and you want to just go ahead and kill it by removing the root system, thus leaving me with a dead tooth in my mouth. This can’t be undone. Life Without My Wife

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Dentist Tooth Filling Rant

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