In this video Dr. Kamran Sahabi dentist in North Hollywood, CA discusses cold sores. In this video Dr. Kamran Sahabi dentist in Glendale, CA discusses cold sores. A cold sore is a common lesion, with symptoms of fever, head and body aches and fatigue, caused by the extremely contagious Herpes simplex virus. There are four stages to the life cycle of a cold sore. With stage 1, tingling or painful itching. The appearance of “bubbling” announces the onset of stage 2, followed by stage 3 scabbing, finally stage 4 healing, approximately one week after stage 3. Cold sores are triggered by stress, sunlight, fatigue and hormonal changes, cold or flu. There is no cure for cold sores , only m,ethods to control them withj numbing agents, washing with antiseptic or applying warm or cold compresses for comfort. To avoid infecting others, it is advised to avoid intimate contact, or sharing toothbrushes or towels. Persistent cold sores should be seen by a medical practitioner to remedy.For more videos visit http Dr. Kamran Sahabi also serves the following cities: Glendale CA, Montrose CA, Verdugo City CA, La Canada Flintdridge CA, La Cresenta CA, and Burbank CA

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What is a Cold Sore? By Kamran Sahabi Dentist North Hollywood, CA

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